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Note: the term "activity weekend" contained in numerous documents was changed to "maintenance weekend" during the April 17, 2010 meeting. Documents will be changed as time permits.


Membership - Club
Membership - Commercial
Membership - Independent

Documents - Land Management

Casual Camper Program PDF Icon
Casual Camper User Guide PDF Icon
Dog & Cat Permit Package [includes instructions, policy and permit application]
Exclusive Land Use Policy
Land Site Event Agreement
Land Site Start Up & Shut Down Procedures PDF Icon
Land Use Policy
Long Term Site Agreement
Long Term Site Agreement Package [includes instructions, agreement and policy]
Long Term Site Policy
Swimming Pool Maintenance Manual
TCC Articles of Agreement
Proposed Event Fees Change

Forms - Land Management

Land Management Request [electronic]
Land Management Request PDF Icon

Documents - Archived

Land Lease Procedure
Land Use Procedure
Trash Handling Procedure
Water System Start Up

Documents - Miscellaneous

Contingency Fund
Endowment Fund
Pesticide License
TCC Land Description

Documents - Run Coordinator

Bunkhouse Chart
Land Site Start Up & Shut Down Procedures PDF Icon
Financial Accounting Form
Land Site Event Agreement
Land Site Exclusive Use Policy
Recommended Footwear
Run Coordinator Checklist
Run Supplies
RV Parking Sites
TCC Medical Form