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An additional restroom is under construction near the end of compound area. The new restroom will also have a couple of showers for a quick rinse off. New Restroom Site
Above ground pool

The Austin Gay Nudists member club donated the present pool.

The pool is a welcome source of relief during the hot summer days!

The pole barn is a multi-use facility. We use it for dining if the weather prevents people sitting at the regular picnice tables. We also use it for events during camp outs, and often in the evening you will find a group playing dominoes. During the winter we enclose the barn, and heat it when the weather is cold.

There is a stage at the back of the barn used for shows during camp outs. There is a small dressing room and stage lights.

Cooking facility Cooking facility, located near the pole barn. Like the cooking area in many homes, often a central gathering place for people.

The facility is covered and open air, with a large six burner stove and dual ovens.

Buzzards' Peak, the highest spot on the land site. A place of quiet solitude and reflection containing memorial plaques to some of the longstanding and founding members of the Texas Conference of Clubs.

Buzzards' Peak

Night Fire There is nothing quite like a roaring fire on a cool night at the campground. Great people, some music and you will have a good evening!