Updated 1 February 2020

Camping Area


A view of tents along the road back into the compound area and the bathroom at the back of the campground.



Cooking Facility


The Texas Conference of Clubs boasts a large outdoor cooking facility, complete with a professional size propane gas range and ovens.


Walk-In Cooler


Located close to the cooking facility, we have a large walk-in cooler to store perishables for future meals. Glass doors on one side of the cooler allow access by campers to items such as bottled water, iced tea or soft drinks.


Eating Area


One of two eating areas. There is limited seating the in pole barn for dining during bad weather — or just to get out of the sun. Most of the time we use the outdoor seating, as well as the seating under the canopy shown in the photo.


Shower Room Facility


Located near the cooking facility, the cinder block shower house features multiple shower fixtures to accommodate several campers at one time. The facility is heated in the winter and cooled in the summer. The men's side of the shower is all showers and sinks; the women's side has a smaller shower area and some storage.


A Quiet Spot


One of the many quiet spots throughout the campground. Sometimes it is nice to get away from everyone for a few minutes!


Buzzards' Peak


The highest spot in Milam County, the Peak is one of two sites where the Texas Conference of Clubs has memorial plaques. The plaques on the Peak are those of founding or long term members; their efforts helped to make TCC a facility that is enjoyed by everyone.


Feeding The Gang


The serving area in the cooking facility can handle a serving line or a buffet, depending on the food prepared for the meal.


The cooking area is immediately behind the serving area.


Condiment Tables


Just outside the serving area are condiment tables. The tables allow us to put things like salads, salad dressing, rolls, butter, pickles, and whatever else goes along with the meal. It is especially nice when serving something such as hamburgers for lunch as it frees up the serving line while people gather around the condiment table to add their favorite toppings to their hamburgers!


Maintenance Weekends


The tasks during our Maintenance Weekends vary from month to month. Here we have Brian Epperson, former Facilities Coordinator, working with a stump grinder. Sometimes we have no choice but to rent a piece of equipment like a grinder in order to get the job done!


Most Maintenance Weekends there is a lot of routine tasks to be done. A good example is hauling brush from various places around the campground to the fire pit so we can burn it.