June 28, 2020 — The Texas Conference of Clubs thanks you for your continued interest and support during the current Covid-19 pandemic. While we hoped to reopen the campground on July 1, 2020, the current situation in Milam County (the campground is in Milam County) and the State of Texas dictates that we continue to restrict access to the general public.


The gates will remain closed and locked. Any TCC members who wish access to the campground must contact the Facilities Coordinator.


We are canceling the scheduled Maintenance Weekend for July. We will hold the July quarterly business meeting using Zoom.


We’ll keep you updated on Facebook, the TCC website, and by email.



TCC Maintenance Weekend Schedule


2020 Events

Leather & Lace, Lone Star Leathermen

& Leathermens Guild - Mar 27-29 - Open to all

EROS Camp Out - Apr 3-5 - Open to all

Discipline Corps - Camp DC - Apr 24-26 - Invitation only

Touch of Leather Camp Out - May 1-3 - Open to all

LVLPWA Camp Out - May 8-10 - Male only

LoneStar 28 - May 22-25 - Open to all

Bare Naked Buddies - Jun 5-7 - Male only

Houston Bears - June 12-14 - Male only

Cowtown Leathermen Run - Jun 19-21 - Open to all


The above events, maintenance weekends

and April meeting are canceled.


LVLPWA Camp Out - Sep 18-20 - Male only

Austin Gay Nudist Camp Out - Sep 25-27 - Male only

Texas Puppy Club Run - Oct 9-11 - Open to all

Discipline Corps - Camp DC - Oct 23-25 - Invitation only

Bound By Desire Camp Out - Oct 30 - Nov 1 - Female only

TRB Feast in the Woods - Nov 6-8 - Open to all

Touch of Leather - Nov 13-15 - Open to all

Touch of Leather - Nov 20-22 - Open to all


2021 Event


TCC Fire & Ice - Jan 1-3 - Open to all



Updated 1 February 2020


TCC does not allow firearms, unauthorized pets,

or any illegal substances on the property.


For those who use Facebook, there is a Texas Conference of Clubs group where you can find last minute information.


Our next scheduled Maintenance Weekend is March 20-22, 2020.


During Maintenance Weekends the members of the Texas Conference of Clubs work on the land site keeping the grounds in shape, repairing facilities where needed and all the other hundred and one items needed to provide campers a great place to stay.


Who Are We?


The Texas Conference of Clubs owns and operates a private 30-plus acre campground outside of Cameron, Texas. The Conference is composed of member clubs, independent members and commercial organizations. TCC has members in Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, and San Antonio, as well as other cities in and bordering the State of Texas.




Chartered in 1975, the Texas Conference of Clubs long felt there should be a facility available for the men and women of our community to use as a campground, run-site, or retreat.


In August of 1983, the Conference purchased a tract of land in Milam County, Texas to be used by the member clubs and others as a place for camping, holding runs or retreats, or just enjoying the great outdoors. This piece of land became known as Buzzards' Peak. The site is made up of tree-covered hills of cedar, hickory, gum, elm and oaks, with ravines, rocks, grassy areas and small wild animals.


Since 1983 many improvements have been made to the land site. In addition to its increasing use by the member clubs, TCC now offers the use of the land site to interested community groups for their recreational functions.


What Do We Do?


There are numerous runs and events scheduled during the year by member clubs and organizations. Please check out the club functions on our site.


Most months we have a "Maintenance Weekend" where members spend all or part of the weekend at the land site taking care of the general maintenance.


Where Are We?


The TCC's Buzzards' Peak land site is located near the town of Cameron, Texas. If you are interested in visiting the land site and need a map, please feel free to e-mail a member!